Fishy business, offside and deserts….

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We had 3 guests on this weeks show: Jan, Steve and Hannah. We talked about dreams, fish, size zero and other random things.

This week also saw the start of the rip-off quiz “What’s Occurring” where we take a clip, or go up town and ask people random questions.

Finally, Jan gives us a selection of here Cast Away Music.

We had fun, I hope you do too!

This week on Pete and Friends…

Can you believe it! You wait all term for a guest then 3 come along at once! Join me on my show this week for lots of fun, or your money back…. 

I’m back this friday at 10am on GKRadio and this week I’e got not one, not two, but THREE special guest! We will be playing games, music, chatting and laughing a lot we hope. This weeks guests will be:

Steve Evesley – from the Steve and Alex show on Monday’s. We also used to cohost this show last year!

Hanna Payne – A really lovely friend of mine and Steve’s.

Jan Gunnell – A friend of mine from ‘back home’. She will give a slighter more mature view of proceedings, with a short interview about her role in the Healthy Schools campaigns, and a little bit of Pudding Mainland Disks (based on something on radio 4 … lol)

Please invite your friends and join me from 10am this Friday!

Radio Show Returned!

We’ll I had a great time back on GK Radio this morning. Unfortunately the compressor and gate was working over time so i kept coming in and out! Sorry, we sorted this out this afternoon and it all sounds funky now!

Considering I didn’t plan the playlist nor know what was coming up next, the songs scared me with how relevant to my drivel they were!

I’m back next week, more music, some games, and new guests, please come along!

Photography Law – epetition response #1

With reference to my last post about the banning of photography, here was the Government’s response to an e-petition from 2008, asking the Prime Minister to clarify the laws surrounding photography in public places.

Read the Government’s response

Thank you for your e-petition asking for clarification of the law on photography in public places.

There are no legal restrictions on photography in public places. However, the law applies to photographers as it does to anybody else in a public place. So there may be situations in which the taking of photographs may cause or lead to public order situations, inflame an already tense situation, or raise security considerations. Additionally, the police may require a person to move on in order to prevent a breach of the peace, to avoid a public order situation, or for the person’s own safety or welfare, or for the safety and welfare of others.

Each situation will be different and it would be an operational matter for the police officer concerned as to what action if any should be taken in respect of those taking photographs. Anybody with a concern about a specific incident should raise the matter with the Chief Constable of the relevant force.

What do YOU think?!

Photography Ban in the UK

From this week, any unauthorised photograph, even inadvertent, of a policeman could land you in jail for up to ten years.

Ten years!

And it’s not just the police. Under Section 76 of the 2008 Counter-Terrorism Act, any picture “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism” is prohibited. That means almost anything: railways, public buildings, government offices, monuments, parades, communications centres. Every officious jobsworth now has a right to stop you, tear out the film or delete the images and issue charges if you cannot convince the police that you are a train spotter or innocent amateur photographer.

Photographers are reporting regular harassment, by angry members of the public as well as police. And the new law is sure to be used by those who don’t want embarrassment or publicity to prevent pictures of scuffles, demonstrations or accidents.

“It is because of terrorism”, you see.

But wouldn’t zealots ready to plant bombs take pictures with phones or concealed cameras?

And how will a ban stop them from downloading detailed satellite pictures freely available on websites?

What an irony: a nation more photographed in secret by surveillance cameras than any on Earth now wants to stop people taking unauthorised pictures.

There is a petition against this on the Government’s E-petition website. The link, however, seems to be deliberately spelt wrong:

Send that link to everyone you know. Remeber, just because you have nothing to hide does not mean you have nothing to fear.

American Cinema Chains and British Films

Tonight I tried to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. This has been nominate for so many awards, yet it gets ONE showing per night at the cinemas. Then it will probably be gone again in a week.

This is typical of the way British films get treated. I almost think it is an actual conspiracy to force British films to fail. Yet, these chains will show Hollywood pap 8 times a day that no one will go an see.

What to do?!


Dear Sirs and Madams

I wish to complain about the current climate of censorship and internal fear which is becoming more than visible to the general public and license payer.

In the last two weeks I have heard of people from being banned from sayings certain words incase they might be offensive. These have included:

  • Calling a female dog a ‘bitch’ on morning radio show, where the presenter, much to the aghast of the interviewee and the listener, apologized for this ‘offensive word’.
  • A recent interviewee on BBC Breakfast was unable to promote the title of his book because it contained the word ‘tit’, which was reference to the a type of bird (bearded tit).

I could continue, but I do think this situation is becoming absolutely absurd. How many more words are we to ban or censor? Will we no longer hear about the Blue Tit?

I think that these, or any ‘words’ in the correct context, should never be censored. Saying a bird (or even a book!) ‘Bearded Tit’, or that dog is a ‘bitch’, even if they are meant as double meanings, should be allowed without fear or censorship.

I believe in treating people with respect, so could the BBC please treat the majority of its license fee payers with the respect we deserve and not treat us all with the timidity that we are witnessing of late.

Yours faithfully

Peter J Nicholls