Welcome Along!

This self-titled site is a feeble attempt at telling the world about me. I'm quite an eccentric, yet down to earth sort of chappy who will put his hand to just about anything; the more challenging the better.

Anything? Like what then?!

  • Currently I am a volunteer station manager for an internet Student and Community radio station called 'One Media Radio'.
  • I present a weekly radio show called the 'Student Advice Surgery', which is also available as a podcast. Since I started this 2 months ago, it has had over 600 downloads (Dec 09).
  • I will do voice overs.
  • I am a musician, singer and composer.
  • I make films, do camera and lighting.
  • I can do sound engineering and training.
  • Web-design and web-hosting.
  • And I also am a qualified teacher.

This is just a few things. I'm sure I have forgotten a few

My Life, My Blog...

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