Every new agency, every new initiative that is set up increases the distrust that we feel for the State Camilla Cavendish, The Times page 27, 12th June 2008 Why don’t we lock up the Cabinet for 42 days? That would stop them spending our money. I was talking to an education spokeswoman last week about the decline in… Read More

I’m not a Conservative, but good on you David Davis (Conservative MP who resigned today on principle). He wants the country to debate what is really going on to the invasion of our civil liberties by this Database and authoritarian government, who are so willing to erode our privacy for indefinitely. Lock up the terrorist… Read More

I received a speeding fine back in October 2006. I was doing 47 in a 40 zone, but had been confused by the signage. I payed the fine, but complained. I obviously hit a raw nerve somewhere, because I received a 3 page reply from… STAFFORDSHIRE POLICE Direct Dial No: 01785235034 CENTRAL TICKET OFFICE Telex 36107 PO… Read More

One of the many concessions that the Government had to put in the Counter Terrorism Bill is for Parliament to take the decision  in a case to extension without charge. Firstly, the home secretary needs to be satisfied there is a “grave exceptional terrorist threat”. Secondly, top prosecutors and police issue a report setting out why they need the power. Once… Read More

Views on the BBC News website (http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread.jspa?forumID=4931&edition=1&ttl=20080611185757) beg the question, how did the pollsters come to their conclusions? I might have the answer: most of those in favor of the extension of detention without charge don’t relaise it is without charge and they also don’t realise how the new powers could potentially be used against anyone.  There’s no smoke without… Read More