You can subscribe to my podcast now! We had 3 guests on this weeks show: Jan, Steve and Hannah. We talked about dreams, fish, size zero and other random things. This week also saw the start of the rip-off quiz “What’s Occurring” where we take a clip, or go up town and ask people… Read More

Can you believe it! You wait all term for a guest then 3 come along at once! Join me on my show this week for lots of fun, or your money back….  I’m back this friday at 10am on GKRadio and this week I’e got not one, not two, but THREE special guest! We will… Read More

We’ll I had a great time back on GK Radio this morning. Unfortunately the compressor and gate was working over time so i kept coming in and out! Sorry, we sorted this out this afternoon and it all sounds funky now! Considering I didn’t plan the playlist nor know what was coming up next, the songs scared… Read More

With reference to my last post about the banning of photography, here was the Government’s response to an e-petition from 2008, asking the Prime Minister to clarify the laws surrounding photography in public places. Read the Government’s response Thank you for your e-petition asking for clarification of the law on photography in public places.… Read More

From this week, any unauthorised photograph, even inadvertent, of a policeman could land you in jail for up to ten years. Ten years! And it’s not just the police. Under Section 76 of the 2008 Counter-Terrorism Act, any picture “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism” is prohibited. That… Read More