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Welcome alongers a long time no welcome along…

It’s been ages since I blogged last – SORRY! And there was also no show last week due to uni work. Man, fancy uni getting in the way of my radio show. Did anyone cover for me? I did try and ask loads of people…. no one replied!

Anyway, I’M BACK!!! This week I will have a bumper packed two hours, including the Golden Half-hour, Reverse a Verse, Oh- What’s occurring? and loads of great music and witty [ed. you wish!] banter.

Join me and my friends and be a friend by emailing, or leaving comments and requests on the facebook pages.

Luv ya long time!

Live on Radio 1 this morning…

I played the MP3 game on the Greg James show this morning just before 6am and told him about my radio show on GK Radio. He rang me back after to say ta and ask a bit more about the show. I told him I’d ripped off Scott Mills game.

“What you called it?” he asked.

Realizing how unorriginal I really was now I replied, “Oh, what’s occurring…”  then tried to justify the the fact that I’d done my own music and format! Humph.

He then dissed me live on air for pinching the name 😛 Ha, ha. I so deserved it I know.

So, do you have a better name or idea for the development of the game that I’ve ripped off Scott Mills?

Sammy G and Jimmy James

Sammy G at the album launch.

On this weeks show, I had special guest Janice Gunnell treating us to some of the music she would take on her portable MP3 player in my new feature, ‘Castaway ‘. She mentioned her son (and friend of mine too) Sammy-G.

Sammy-G is what you could loosely term a Gospel Rap Artist and has been doing gigs up and down the country for quite a few years now. The music we featured on the show, ‘Pure Silence’ and ‘Find Me’, are from his new self-promoted album ‘Dublit: Plain and Simple’ available from iTunes, follow this link:

You can also visit his MySpace page at: