Tom Brake: Commentary Article: news/uk/article6062541.ece At the beginning of my day with the G20 protesters, I had every hope that my presence as an independent observer on behalf of Parliament would be redundant. I will report back to my fellow MPs after Easter. Sadly, as I reflect on a day that turned ugly in… Read More

by Tom Whipple Full Article:  As dusk fell on the City of London last Wednesday, an elderly woman remonstrated with a policewoman. “Why won’t you let us out?” she asked, slumped against the Bank of England between two puddles of urine. The policewoman responded that she was only following orders. Even as the Metropolitan Police… Read More

Every day there is more revealed about the totalitarian behavior of our police force with regard to protestors, in particularly the April 1st G20 demonstrations. Those who have followed my blogging will know of my passion for civil liberties. For a long time I feel those of us trying to voice our opinions on this have been cast as loony… Read More