The Hits radio in association with the Student Radio Association ran a competition ‘for the best student radio talent to appear on The Hits radio.’ The 1st prize is 4 shows and voice coaching, the runners up got one show and coaching. I wasn’t sure if I should enter. But at the last minute last Monday… Read More

This morning I had a knock on the door from my postman. In his hand was an envelope containing the CD of a composition I haven’t heard since I wrote it over 12 years ago. NEWSTEAD ABBEY is a March for Brass Band that was commissioned by the City of Nottingham Transport Band for their CD… Read More

There is growing evidence, from the governments own departments, that the various workfare schemes (there are 5 different ones) are actually harming employment growth, and leading to people being ON JSA for longer. On the 1st of April 2011, following a review of the evidence, the Social Security Advisory Committee’s report was damning. It advised the… Read More

Last summer I interviewed Tristram Hunt, the MP for Stoke Central, on Cre8 Radio. We talked about him settling in to his role as MP for the area, what really attracted him to Stoke, and where he feels he can make a difference. Tristram Hunt MP Interview by PJNicholls-Interviews Cre8 Radio is currently a yearly… Read More

‘m working on a couple of sites at the moment that need so redesigning, and I thought that now is a good time to use something that will help me do more in less time. So, I’m taking a look at a few CSS frameworks that may help me. … Read More