Student Radio Star 2012

The Hits radio in association with the Student Radio Association ran a competition ‘for the best student radio talent to appear on The Hits radio.’ The 1st prize is 4 shows and voice coaching, the runners up got one show and coaching.

I wasn’t sure if I should enter. But at the last minute last Monday I though, blow it, and quickly put together 5 mins of clips and 1 ‘best link’, and uploaded them to the site. And then I wondered if it was any good. Self doubt and wondering if I am any good, in fact I felt generally low afterwards for a few days.

However, 5 minutes ago I opened my email, only to discover an email from the competition containing the following paragraph:

Your entry has made it to the final shortlist of entries and is now with our expert panel of judges who will be select the final winner and two runners up.

I suppose you could say I am quite shocked and delighted to get to the final shortlist! Whatever happens, getting this far is an achievement. The overall winner, and the runners up, will be announced at the Student Radio Conference on the 3rd April in Bradford. I can’t be there, but I am sure I will know soon enough I am on that final list or not. Here’s hoping.

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