UPDATE: 25/12/2012 Nassir Ghaemi has replied to my email saying that he will take some time to explore these links and then pass on some thoughts. He added: “My initial impression is that this is quite an unwarranted vulgarization [sic.] of  an already out of date and oversimplified medical theory.” ORIGINAL POST: I came across an editorial by Nassir… Read More

Simon Fanshawe was a guest on this morning’s BBC Breakfast reviewing the mornings papers. He started with this article from the Daily Mail – “Rises in welfare will be capped for six years.” This is a transcript of some of what Simon said. (Audio beneath.) “Let’s start with Grant Shapps, who I think is my least… Read More

Lord Fraud has said that the benefits system available to MPs was “dreadful” and hindered MPs from “having a lifestyle” on the state. The Tory peer, who (along with 650 other MPs and over 800 peers) is raging against the radical overhaul of the expenses system and IPSA, insisted he understood the necessity of living… Read More

The Countess of Mar tabled a written question that asked the Government: “What person or organisation is legally liable for the wellbeing of benefits claimants who are found to be fit for work under the work capability assessment and who are then made to work?” In a written reply, the Minister for Welfare Reform at the Department… Read More

Some of Britain’s leading scientists have called on the government to grant a posthumous pardon to the fantastic mathematician Alan Turing. Turning is best known for his code breaking work during the war at Bletchly Park, although his mathematical genius reached far wider than just that. In 1952, Turing was convicted of gross indecency after… Read More

Some numbers. Very sad numbers. You can check all of these using search engines, and have multiple corroborating sources. [Edited from a post by S. K. Walker.] 27 – People shot dead in the Connecticut school shooting. 24,000 – number of people who died in the UK last winter because of ‘fuel poverty’.  73 –… Read More