In my opinion, the Mac OS is astonishingly simple and easy to use and for most people the default file system setting is just fine, however there are files and folders that are hidden from view – and just as well for some users! Personally, I like to see all the files and folders, including the hidden ones.  There… Read More

Saturday 7th September was the first International Cassette Store Day. Its organisers described it as “a celebration of a physical product that is accessible, fun, cheap and still going strong in the turbulent current musical climate.” The day saw  a number of limited edition albums released on cassette, and modern classic albums re-released too. My Tapes I adored… Read More

By Jane Wakefield  Technology reporter, BBC News The government has made headlines for data failures Plans for a super-database containing the details of all phone calls and e-mails sent in the UK have been heavily criticised by experts. The government is considering the changes as part of its ongoing fight against serious crime and terrorism.… Read More

Information about all landline and mobile phone calls made in the UK must be logged and stored for a year under new laws.Data about calls made and received will also be available to 652 public bodies, including the police and councils. The Home Office said the content of calls and texts would not be read… Read More

Not even MPs are exempt from the surveillance state they have created, notes regular columnist Bill Thompson.  MP’s are worried about coming under the same scrutiny as most citizens Members of the British Parliament have been shocked to discover that one of their number was bugged by the secret service, violating the forty-year old “Wilson… Read More

  BitTorrent is used by many to download missed TV shows Bill Thompson believes Virgin Media has decided it likes record companies more than its customers.  The chances are that I’ll be getting a letter from my internet service provider (ISP) in the next few weeks telling me that they’ve been watching my network activity… Read More

Hard cases make bad law, especially online, argues Bill Thompson It has always been difficult to stay completely on the right side of the law, however law-abiding one tries to be. I try to check the copyright status of every picture I use in my presentations, but may sometimes slip up. Copying CDs I own… Read More