It is already apparent the BBC are going soft on the Conservative/Mrs May manifesto. No in depth questioning on what the level of means testing for winter fuel allowance. No in depth grilling on why they’ve basically ditched the Dillnot report on social care funding. No in depth attack over seven years of failed immigration pledges.… Read More

I keep hearing and seeing  people saying “Labour just want to give everyone free stuff.” Let’s briefly take a look at this. • Good Education for all benefits all of us and leads to greater prosperity for everyone; • well funded health ensure that all of us benefit, being happier, more productive, and living more… Read More

Modern “neoliberal” capitalism requires constantly increasing velocity and atomisation of transactions. A #robinhoodtax at 0.5% is nominal and fair. Capital cannot remain stateless and boarderless. Consider what VAT is: a regressive tax on the transaction of purchasing goods set at 20% (with exceptions). 0.5% on financial transactions is fair and reasonable, will raise £26bn. There… Read More

Today the Telegraph called those in £80,000 and above “workers.” Now, whilst many of them do work, the telegraph aren’t trying to invoke any sense of that understanding. What they are doing is a typical right wing “reframing” of language. The “working class” and “working people” has always been understood to include mainly blue collar… Read More

Newstead Abbey – March for Brass Band A commission from the City of Nottingham Transport Band for their CD recording ‘Music from the City of Legends’. Now available on all online music streaming and purchasing services, including Amazon Digital Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, and more.… Read More

The ‘conventional’ view of globalisation and low tariffs, is an  assumptive model based on a Ricardian* view of trade and globalisation. However things are much less clear cut than conventional view admits. In the end, economic theory can prove nothing about whether free trade or some form of restricted trade is best from the point… Read More

Part of an ongoing “Economic Myths Debunked” series. I am going to be as brief as possible and use mostly diagrams. All data is from the Office of National Statistics, an independent body operating at arm’s length from Government as a non-ministerial department, directly accountable to Parliament. UK Balance of Payments under Labour The graph above shows that the… Read More