Radio Presenter / Broadcast Demo Reels

All audio in these examples is from actual live broadcasts on Cre8 Radio, an FM RSL community radio station broadcasting in Stoke-on-Trent during May-June 2012.

Music / Entertainment Format Demo

Local Radio Speech Format Demo

A short selection of clips of me presenting taken from live radio shows done on the Cre8 Radio RSL. Edited for brevity.

  • 0’00” Afternoon studio show, co presenter Liam Maxwell, coming out of news with a chat that segues into teaser for interview guest coming up.
  • 0’32” Outside broadcast, ‘Etruria Canal Festival’, talking to Phillis and Henry, a couple who have lived and worked on the canal all their lives.
  • 1’18” Weekend studio show, out of music and in to link about ‘Oat Cake Day’.
  • 1’40” Outside broadcast, ‘Etruria Canal Festival’, talking to Audrey who is creating handmade lace.
  • 2’24” Phone conversation with a Richard, a local butcher about recent on-street ‘A-board’ complaints.

Local Radio Speech Outside Broadcast

Two hour live broadcast from the ‘Etruria Jubilee Canal Festival’.

My SoundCloud Profile for more audio

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