Radio Broadcast, Producer and Technologist.


I have almost five years of radio work experience and would like to continue my passion for making radio within a professional broadcasting environment.

Radio drives me. The immediacy of the medium and its capacity to entertain, inform and challenge the listener are captivating and exciting. I really enjoy interacting with people on a personal level, which is where I think radio is at its best. My experience has given me the confidence to work in different environments and I have acquired a broad range of people skills, which I believe are particularly relevant to a broadcasting career.

I understand and have a natural feel for radio, I see the ‘ʹbig‑picture’ʹ and can verbalise this clearly. When I present, I not only understand my audience, but I connect and speak directly with the listener. I am equally at home in speech based community local radio and music driven contemporary radio.

Radio Skills

  • Presenting
  • Production
  • Audio editing and production
  • Audio imaging
  • Trail making
  • Voice over
  • Scriptwriting
  • Interviewing

Other Skills

  • Sound engineering
  • Film production
  • Camera/lighting
  • Composer Musician
  • Web design and programming / development
  • Teaching and training
  • Public speaking

Radio Presentation

Peter has been a regular presenter on Staffordshire University’s student radio since 2007, presenting pop music day time shows, news magazine shows, specialist genre entertainment, chart shows, interviews and serious debates. As a presenter, Peter is very produceable, yet he also has a keen mind when it comes to taking initiative at a moments notice. He brings an enquiring and intelligent openness to debates and discussions, sometimes getting more out of the interviewee than they anticipated.

If there needs to be scripts, or even re scripting, Peter has a clear sense of how the listener receives information and will craft the lines carefully to make them feel as if the words have just fallen naturally out of conversation. He is also a good, clear and accurate sight reader, giving instant intonation and meaning to copy previously unseen.

Peter has also been fundamental in pioneering the use of podcasts as a way to engage students pastorally with the Advice Centre at the Students Union, helping them through their years at university through ‘The Student Advice Surgery‘. This will return with new content very soon.


In 2009, Peter was appointed for one year as Station Manager of the student radio. During that time, he over saw a complete rebranding and repositioning of the station and transformed it into a station that the university could be proud of with a weekly reach in to the thousands. Since then the station has gone from strength to strength, growing and evolving from the firm foundations Peter and his team put in place.

Production and Technical

Peter has a keen interest in all areas of radio production and, being a musician and skilled editor, he has helped produce audio, packages, imaging and promotional content for broadcast.

He also planned and implemented studio upgrades and overhaul of the wiring and systems at the student station, and recently installed and set up an Optimod PC audio processor to enhance the sound of the station’s output. Peter has also being involved in planning a new Myriad play-out system and received training from P-Squared.

He also has experience in HTML, PHP and web design and development, which he does as a serious hobby.


Cre8 Radio FM May 25th – June 23rd 2012

Reference: Anne Duffell, Award Leader in Broadcasting, Staffordshire University.
E: [email protected]
(Anne has 25 years experience at BBC Radio Stoke as producer, presenter and broadcast journalist.)

Producer and Presenter at Cre8 Radio FM, a short-­term community radio station in Stoke-­on-­Trent, run by the Arts, Media and Design Faculty, at Staffordshire University, under the editorship of experienced BBC producers and presenters. (Anne Duffell, Verity Hilton, and David Corser.)

This is the fourth year I have produced and presented a two-­hour daily speech and music afternoon show on Cre8 Radio (including weekends), interviewing a wide range of guests from the local community, including M.P. Tristram Hunt, both in the studio and on the phone. A personal and station highlight was a two hour live OB at the ‘Etruria Jubilee Canal Festival’, where I talked to the exhibitors, organisers and visitors.

I prepared the daily show, using programme clocks, wrote a running ‘ʹscript’ʹ, researched and prepared interviews, including writing cues. I also wrote cues for other presenters’. I trained presenters in the use of studio, and how to self-­produce their own shows. I produced trailers, promos and jingles, and edited audio for rebroadcast on the weekly highlights show. I also wrote articles for the station website,

Technical Operations:

  • Set up Optimod station sound processing (FM and online), including ITU loudness compliance.
  • OB links operations.
  • Myriad AutoTrack, playlist and automation.
  • Set up ROT facilities with web-­server distribution of audio for producers and snoop.

BBC Radio 1 October 2011

Reference: Bod Brewster, Departmental Manager, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra.
G1 Yalding House, 152-­156 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 6AJ.
E: [email protected]

One week’s work experience, gained through a competition with the Student Radio Association, collecting audio clips from the Radio 1 Big Weekend to give a feel of the atmosphere at the event. My production skills were highly commended and I was able to demonstrate my skill and self-­motivation in this area. I also had some studio training.

One Media Radio (Staffordshire University) July 2010 -­July 2011

Technical / Operations Manager at the university student radio station.

  • Studio Manager for all major OBs and pre-­records on One Media.
  • Edited podcasts, provided content for trails, updated & maintained intranet website pages. Set up and maintained radio studios, including STL and studio links.
  • Introduced and maintained Myriad play-­out system, and AutoTrack.
  • Responsible for technical training of all personnel.

One Media Radio (Staffordshire University) July 2009 -­ July 2010
Reference: Chris Priestman, Course Director (Broadcasting/Audio/Visual), Staffordshire University.
E: [email protected]

Station Manager of the student radio station.

  • Instigated and oversaw a major station rebranding exercise.
  • Repositioned the station for a broader student audience, with evening and weekend niche segments.
  • Developed and transformed the sound and image of the station.
  • Raised reach and share to an all time high.
  • Secured funding for major investment in studio equipment and play-­out system, not only in the student station but also for the university radio courses, including £30,000 Myriad installation.
  • Created a station development plan, which acted as the guide for my year as station manager.
  • Developed the first playlist for daytime shows.
  • Implemented dedicated sports programming, covering all university sports events including a whole day OB for inter-­‐‑varsity event.
  • Covered major union news and events, using debate formats and OBs where appropriate.
  • Set up and trained producers.
  • Maintained a consistent station sound while allowing presenters to develop their own personalities.
  • Set up a ‘ʹnew and local music’ʹ nightly show.
  • Set up and presented a weekly ‘ʹStudent Advice Surgery’ʹ in association with the union’s Advice Service, which was also published as a podcast, and has had over 8000 downloads since.
  • Started up community links, bringing in community groups at the weekend for specialist programming, including an Asian Music Show.

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