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Long time needed update!

Wow. It’s been too long. Very quickly, I’ve landed some work experience at Radio One and I am so excited. What a chance in a life time opportunity! As part of this, I’ll be spending a morning with the Chris Moyles Team, and they want me to do some audience research. So, could you please answer the few questions below; copy and past them in to a response to this post. THANK YOU!

What is your favourite genre/type of music?
Who is your favourite pop star/artist/band/DJ around at the moment?
What are your favourite TV programmes?
How do you spend an average weekend? What do you like to do with your friends?
How important is clothing to you? What type of clothes do you buy?
What phone do you own?
What’s your favourite social networking site? (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter etc.)
How often do you use it and what for?
What are the 5 most important possessions in your life?
What do your parents moan to you about most?
Who do you look up to most? (family figure, friend, celebrity?)
Who is the biggest celebrity in your world at the moment?
Do you listen to the Chris Moyles Show?
What are your favourite parts of the show if you do?
Which parts of the show annoy/irritate you?
What guests would you like to see appear on the show?
What type of feature would you like to see introduced on the show?
What other shows do you listen to on Radio 1?
What do you like about them?

Live on Radio 1 this morning…

I played the MP3 game on the Greg James show this morning just before 6am and told him about my radio show on GK Radio. He rang me back after to say ta and ask a bit more about the show. I told him I’d ripped off Scott Mills game.

“What you called it?” he asked.

Realizing how unorriginal I really was now I replied, “Oh, what’s occurring…”  then tried to justify the the fact that I’d done my own music and format! Humph.

He then dissed me live on air for pinching the name 😛 Ha, ha. I so deserved it I know.

So, do you have a better name or idea for the development of the game that I’ve ripped off Scott Mills?

Sammy G and Jimmy James

Sammy G at the album launch.

On this weeks show, I had special guest Janice Gunnell treating us to some of the music she would take on her portable MP3 player in my new feature, ‘Castaway ‘. She mentioned her son (and friend of mine too) Sammy-G.

Sammy-G is what you could loosely term a Gospel Rap Artist and has been doing gigs up and down the country for quite a few years now. The music we featured on the show, ‘Pure Silence’ and ‘Find Me’, are from his new self-promoted album ‘Dublit: Plain and Simple’ available from iTunes, follow this link:

You can also visit his MySpace page at:


Dear Sirs and Madams

I wish to complain about the current climate of censorship and internal fear which is becoming more than visible to the general public and license payer.

In the last two weeks I have heard of people from being banned from sayings certain words incase they might be offensive. These have included:

  • Calling a female dog a ‘bitch’ on morning radio show, where the presenter, much to the aghast of the interviewee and the listener, apologized for this ‘offensive word’.
  • A recent interviewee on BBC Breakfast was unable to promote the title of his book because it contained the word ‘tit’, which was reference to the a type of bird (bearded tit).

I could continue, but I do think this situation is becoming absolutely absurd. How many more words are we to ban or censor? Will we no longer hear about the Blue Tit?

I think that these, or any ‘words’ in the correct context, should never be censored. Saying a bird (or even a book!) ‘Bearded Tit’, or that dog is a ‘bitch’, even if they are meant as double meanings, should be allowed without fear or censorship.

I believe in treating people with respect, so could the BBC please treat the majority of its license fee payers with the respect we deserve and not treat us all with the timidity that we are witnessing of late.

Yours faithfully

Peter J Nicholls