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The Media & Mrs May’s Manifesto Mayhem

It is already apparent the BBC are going soft on the Conservative/Mrs May manifesto.

  • No in depth questioning on what the level of means testing for winter fuel allowance.
  • No in depth grilling on why they’ve basically ditched the Dillnot report on social care funding.
  • No in depth attack over seven years of failed immigration pledges.
  • No mocking of the immigration job tax for those needing employees outside the EU (coz we were supposed to be welcoming these!)
  • No constant questioning as to why students are being included in immigration cap no numbers and promises
  • no dissenting voices over the cuts to pensions.
  • hardly a whimper about cutting free infant lunches.


  • nothing about there being not one single costing in the manifesto whatsoever!!!

Nope. Instead, were hearing a lot about “difficult decisions”, “balancing acts”, “keeping brexit voters happy”, “being bold” and so on.

A little different to how the reporting and interviewing around Labour’s manifesto was conducted.

But then, I’m told I’m just a paranoid lefty for expecting even handed and impartiality from the BBC and media.


Dear Sirs and Madams

I wish to complain about the current climate of censorship and internal fear which is becoming more than visible to the general public and license payer.

In the last two weeks I have heard of people from being banned from sayings certain words incase they might be offensive. These have included:

  • Calling a female dog a ‘bitch’ on morning radio show, where the presenter, much to the aghast of the interviewee and the listener, apologized for this ‘offensive word’.
  • A recent interviewee on BBC Breakfast was unable to promote the title of his book because it contained the word ‘tit’, which was reference to the a type of bird (bearded tit).

I could continue, but I do think this situation is becoming absolutely absurd. How many more words are we to ban or censor? Will we no longer hear about the Blue Tit?

I think that these, or any ‘words’ in the correct context, should never be censored. Saying a bird (or even a book!) ‘Bearded Tit’, or that dog is a ‘bitch’, even if they are meant as double meanings, should be allowed without fear or censorship.

I believe in treating people with respect, so could the BBC please treat the majority of its license fee payers with the respect we deserve and not treat us all with the timidity that we are witnessing of late.

Yours faithfully

Peter J Nicholls