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Is WorkFare making unemployment worse?

I said the work programme aka WorkFare wasn’t working, yesterday we had proof. 

Yesterday’s report by the Welfare to Work industry [the actual people running these programmes] reveals that only 22% of long term unemployed people put onto the Work Programme have got jobs. Of those many will be in temporary work.

Chris Grayling claimed that 36% of people on the Work Programme would gain sustainable long term employment. However the Telegraph today revealed officials would have expected 28% of long term unemployed people to have found work anyway without any help at all.

This means that the Government’s flagship Work Programme is not just under-performing, it appears to be making the problem of long term unemployment worse! The government are spending multiple-billions of pounds on a scheme carried out by experts in the Welfare to Work field like A4e, with less success than if you just left people to their own devices!!!


It just beggars belief that they can waste so much money on private companies providing such awful service. The Sun said £5bn could pay for a lot of things, like nurses and teachers, shame they were targeting the legitimate benefit and muddying the waters with talk of fraud. However, I digress.

They consider £13,000 just about enough incentive for a company to help “find” someone a job (yes, they get that per person they find work for). Yet at the other end of the scale, a cut to the just over £60 a week Job Seekers Benefit is considered the acceptable incentive to get people to follow these ridiculous schemes.

They take £12m away from Legal Aid for benefit appeals, but pay billions to a profit making sector without even requiring how it is spend or what quality of service they expect. Yet qualified and experienced teachers and dictated to constantly about how they should teaching adding and multiplication!

If I knew the answer I’d offer one, but what ever the answer is, the government are still asking the wrong questions.