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My Personal Outlook before the Autumn Statement by the Chancellor

Just a quick note this morning.

It’s Autumn [Budget] Statement day today. Remember one thing: even if there was no deficit problem, the Tories would still cut welfare, jobs, community support, privatise the NHS and in return they would still support business in their aims to drive down wages and increase the wealth of the top 1%.

The Tory cuts are ideological.

The Government have increased spending overall by £150bn since coming in to power. If they had borrowed that anyway 2 years ago at the historic low interest rates, and invested that in building and infrastructure project, we would be experiencing growth, more jobs, and increasing wages. Borrowing to invest is not a bad thing! Every single business and household in the world does it, and is right too.

The only people to benefit out of this financial crisis have been the rich who have increased their wealth by up to 300% in some cases while wages at the bottom have not moved in over 5 years.

It’s taken me 15 years, but I’ve woken up to the Tory Lie. They sold us a pup:

Working hard doesn’t make you better off- it just makes you more tired.