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First response to today’s “fall in unemployment” figures

Don’t get too excited about the fall in unemployment. It is up by only 0.01%, which is statistically insignificant within the margin of error.

Also, note: Those who are engaged in the so called WorkFare work programmes are counted as being employed, although they only receive between £53 and £70 for a 40 hour week (short term) and are unpaid by the employers.

It also fails to show that part-time work and zero hour contracts have increased.

This graph from the ONS website shows the rise in part time work and economic inactivity.

Changes in number of people in the labour market between September to November 2007 and September to November 2012, seasonally adjusted.

Source: Labour Force Survey – Office for National Statistics

It’s all in the figures and footnotes:



Is WorkFare making unemployment worse?

I said the work programme aka WorkFare wasn’t working, yesterday we had proof. 

Yesterday’s report by the Welfare to Work industry [the actual people running these programmes] reveals that only 22% of long term unemployed people put onto the Work Programme have got jobs. Of those many will be in temporary work.

Chris Grayling claimed that 36% of people on the Work Programme would gain sustainable long term employment. However the Telegraph today revealed officials would have expected 28% of long term unemployed people to have found work anyway without any help at all.

This means that the Government’s flagship Work Programme is not just under-performing, it appears to be making the problem of long term unemployment worse! The government are spending multiple-billions of pounds on a scheme carried out by experts in the Welfare to Work field like A4e, with less success than if you just left people to their own devices!!!


It just beggars belief that they can waste so much money on private companies providing such awful service. The Sun said £5bn could pay for a lot of things, like nurses and teachers, shame they were targeting the legitimate benefit and muddying the waters with talk of fraud. However, I digress.

They consider £13,000 just about enough incentive for a company to help “find” someone a job (yes, they get that per person they find work for). Yet at the other end of the scale, a cut to the just over £60 a week Job Seekers Benefit is considered the acceptable incentive to get people to follow these ridiculous schemes.

They take £12m away from Legal Aid for benefit appeals, but pay billions to a profit making sector without even requiring how it is spend or what quality of service they expect. Yet qualified and experienced teachers and dictated to constantly about how they should teaching adding and multiplication!

If I knew the answer I’d offer one, but what ever the answer is, the government are still asking the wrong questions.

Workfare isn’t Working

There is growing evidence, from the governments own departments, that the various workfare schemes (there are 5 different ones) are actually harming employment growth, and leading to people being ON JSA for longer.

On the 1st of April 2011, following a review of the evidence, the Social Security Advisory Committee’s report was damning. It advised the government not to introduce Mandatory Work Activity, and observed the following:

  • “Published evidence is at best ambivalent about the chances of ‘workfare’ type activity improving outcomes for people who are out of work.”
  • “We are concerned that mandating an individual to this scheme could also have the opposite effect to the one intended.”
  • “This seems to us to signal that being mandated to mandatory work activity is regarded as a punishment…”

This graph shows that the statistics currently available demonstrate that workfare makes no difference to employment outcomes. As Ben Goldacre concluded: “Bottom line: it turns out people leave JSA at roughly the same rate, whether they’re doing workfare or not.”

Source: Boycott Workfare and other references.

The success rate of getting employed is little better than without the schemes, as the jobs offered would have been created anyway. In the mean time companies who’s profits are in the multi millions or even billions are getting hundreds of thousands of hours of subsidised labour. The government said the something for nothing culture must end, time to start with its self and big business first I feel.

Over all, I agree that people need experience, help, training etc. But the way it has been put in to action is what really annoys so many people. And now they are moving to force disabled and people with long term chronic conditions on to these schemes too. Most people are unaware of the draconian nature – the true picture – of the outworking of these policies. A few hours, people says, doing something useful, bolstering their chances, etc etc they are all laudable, however in reality rather than being helped to find work that is sustainable (over used term imho but useful in this context), they are being hounded in to working for weeks, months and in some cases on 2 year rolling cycles on these scheme, within which time the person is not being helped to find work that is capable of taking them off state supported and subsidised work schemes.

The injustice is that this is effecting not only the people on the schemes, but also the people who are in the work place right now, as it is effectively eroding things we take for granted these days, such as minimum wages, protection, other pay and conditions, because over all it easier for employers to use this subsidised unregulated labour.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some very well researched and referenced facts about the workfare schemes: Click here to visit the Boycott Workfare website.

Workfare is Not Fair

The tax payer pays £180m to private company - Guardian G2
The tax payer pays £180m to private company - Guardian G2

People on these schemes often get no expenses. They have to work between 2 months and 6 months, and in some cases two years. Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) minister Chris Grayling has indicated that the two-year referrals will ‘loop’, meaning claimants could be on the programme indefinitely.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines “Forced or Compulsory Labour” as follows:

“All work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself/herself voluntarily.”

Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009, and its counterpart in Scots Law, Section 47 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland)Act 2010, both outlaw forced or compulsory labour.

I am fed up of people in work treating all those out of work as if it is THEIR fault they are out of work. Or that they are too lazy to find jobs. The truth is, there aren’t enough jobs. In some areas there are 50 people going after 1 job, yet unemployment is being identified as a personal failing. Some people have been threatened with sanctions for applying for TOO many jobs, and being sent to paint walls or sweeping the streets – as punishment.

Just because someone is unemployed doesn’t put them in to the work shy category. 3million unemployed, 500,000 vacancies. This isn’t even being targeted at those who have never worked or have been out of work so long. People are getting misused and asked to do things that they don’t even ask payed workers to do. Equipment? no. Workfare Workers don’t get any equipment, protection, clothing or training. I’m not a do gooder, but ‘looking for work’ WAS the work once. These placements will do very little for anyones CV.

This costs companies ZERO. Profit: there are quite a few providers making a tidy sum out of the other work placement scheme. THey are being PAID to run it. Atos, Reed, A4e etc. To do a few hours a week would be reasonable, not a FULL job for a quarter of the wage and no protection. And training, not work.

This is what is happening: If you lose your job due to the cuts and have to claim Jobseekers Allowance then you may be sent to do workfare. You could be forced to work unpaid for the likes of Asda and Tesco. You could even find yourself doing your old job – for no wages! Workfare erodes everybody’s pay, working rights and working conditions.

Last year, 800 station staff on London Underground were cut, prompting concerns for passenger safety. Just months later, a new workfare initiative was rolled out by A4E (one of the Work Programme providers) to provide 200 workfare wardens.

We have had a welfare state, and right to welfare as a universal right. That is being eroded. On the whole the ‘work shy’ people so often use as the reason for draconian measures, are very hard to identify except for the few massive blatant cases. They are THE FEW.

People face destitution if they are ‘sanctioned’ for not taking part. Are we really saying that we will accept state sanctioned destitution on anyone?

The companies such as Reed, Atos, a4e etc who are implementing these schemes are getting very healthy payments from the tax payer. Who is arbiter of the relationship between big business, the state and the citizen, and where are the democratic checks and balances? Since claimants are now the responsibility of private companies, there is not even the basic accountability afforded by the Freedom of Information Act.

If there is a job to be done, then that job should be paid with a living wage, pension contributions, holiday pay and proper work place provisions and training. Companies should not be using free labour in this way. The following account was posted in the comments section of the Guardian website:

I personally know a fifty-six year old man who worked at Tesco for 40 hrs a week for 6 weeks for no pay. He said he was given the worst job, constantly filling freezers in the hope he would be taken on. After the 6 weeks were up the manager asked him if he would like to stay on for some extra weeks, my friend asked “with pay”? The manager said why would he pay him when he can pick the phone up and get more unemployed people who have to work for nothing of face sanctions meaning loss of ALL benefits for up to three years.

Having unemployed people ‘work’ for benefits seems a decent things UNTIL you realise that they are just being used as free labour for companies: http://www.boycottworkfare.org/?page_id=31

And to quote: “We can confirm that Argos does not have a policy to recruit colleagues through the governments Work Experience Programme, but we do make use of it to offer work experience. Christmas is our busiest time of year and we are pleased to provide the opportunity for work experience during this time.”

Busy time, more paying customers, more profit coz they dont have to pay Christmas staff. THIS IS WRONG.

Clegg says its voluntary here, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17116473 If you think that this scheme is not compulsory, have a look at this freedom of information request: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/mandatory_work_under_the_work_pr which confirms that claimants could be forced to take up an unpaid work placement for six months – far longer than the two month workfare scheme which has hit the headlines. and Chris Grayling was on Radio 4 again saying “it is a voluntary scheme”. BUT if you are ‘referred’ it becomes mandatory!

Only ONE of the governments #workfare schemes is voluntary #chrisgrayling. ‘Mandatory work activity’ is not. http://t.co/TsiUzSbq (Guardian)

While people are on this, they can’t look for work. And while companies are using free labour, they are not creating jobs.